Andrew Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants, which includes Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., well-known fast food chains,
withdrew his nomination after scrutiny about his labor practices and record of poor treatment of low wage workers. His personal life came under fire due to his business practices, employment of undocumented workers, and allegations of domestic abuse. He withdrew his nomination after discussions with his family.


Congrats to the Democratic candidate for State Rep in 9th Essex District —

Jen Migliore!


Jen is a member of our Women’s Committee and a good friend of the Labor Council. We love the energy she brings to our meetings and know she’ll be a great voice for labor at the State House.

We put in 57 phone bank hours for her campaign in the primary and are gearing up for a labor walk this October.

Boston Globe Delivery Workers Rally for Justice on the Job
Boston Globe Delivery Workers Rally for Justice on the Job


If you live anywhere near the Boston area, you’ve probably heard or read something about the Boston Globe’s recent delivery debacle. Since the newspaper contracted with a new delivery company starting December 28, the entire delivery system collapsed, and subscribers have been puzzled and furious that their daily newspaper has vanished with little explanation and little hope for restoration any time soon. Though it isn’t being reported as such, this is a labor issue.

The new Boston Globe delivery company, ACI Media Group of Long Beach California, has significantly worsened the already difficult, demanding and exploitative working situation of the workers who make newspapers appear on doorsteps across the Commonwealth everyday.

In Lynn, Massachusetts, workers found significant labor and community support for their demands as members of the Lynn Worker Center, the North Shore Labor Council, the New Lynn Coalition, IUE-CWA Local 201, the Lynn City Council and the Lynn School Committee vowed to support their struggle.