In 2016 we took on the billionaires on Question #2 and voted a resounding NO to lifting the cap on Charter Schools. And we Won! 

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice is holding its annual dinner on Thursday, April 20th at 6:00pm in Quincy at the 1199SEIU Union Hall on 108 Myrtle Street. Join us for an evening of food, drink, and inspiration, as we celebrate the victories of the past year. Yet we must keep the resistance moving forward and escalate instead.

If you wish to attend the dinner, please call Gillian at 617-470-7409 or email for more information. Our space is wheelchair accessible. Let us know if you need other accommodations.

In 2017 the obstacles to achieving justice in our country, workplaces, and our communities seem greater than ever, but we will not back down. Instead, we will link the fights to raise the minimum wage, defend immigrant rights, fully fund our public schools, make sure all workers have a voice in the workplace, and build working class power.

Beyond the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we must build “common wealth” throughout the country!