The North Shore Labor Council is one of almost 500 state and nearby labor councils of the North Shore Labor Council and are the core of the labor development. We are chosen bodies devoted to speaking to the interests of working individuals at the state and neighborhood level. We prepare our individuals and network accomplices to advocate for social and monetary equity and we endeavor every day to vanquish persecution and improve our networks for all individuals—paying little mind to race, shading, age, sexual direction, religion, or ethnic or national starting point.

We have roots returning over a century, with a long and glad history of battling for equity for the Province's laborers. Framed in 1887 as the state of Massachusetts part of the American League of Labor, and later sanctioned by the national AFL-CIO in the year of 1958, the North Shore Labor Council is an association of associations, committed to accomplishing a superior personal satisfaction for middle class families within our region.

At the North Shore Labor Council, our main goal is to manufacture the labor development - to combine our aggregate force and advance a wide social and financial equity motivation. We need an economy that advantages and strengthens crafted by each individual association and laborer. Our vision is of a reasonable and just society that advantages every single working individuals, the sorted out and the not yet composed.

The Council has been in play for a long time lasting about a century. The NSLC boasts over 15000 patrons and is sanctioned by the national AFL-CIO. The mission is to bring every working person voice to one pool and improve their lives.

The North Shore Labor Council- How can they Help?

Fast Reaction

In case workers are at risk of facing layoffs, or scale backs, the Council steps in to ensure every worker is cushioned through trying to find new jobs for them. They will come in and, through their huge job, networks will try to find job opportunities and match them with relevant workers.
Apart from this, they also come in to negotiate with employers as to better terms.
In the case of people working from home, they try to find new areas of work

Workforce Advancement

In the current pandemic situation, the Council can train people for new kinds of jobs they can do from home. Changing careers and learning new ways of making money may help individuals save themselves from financial ruin and redundancy
The Council can try to pair up experienced work from home laborers to help train the lesser skilled personnel. This can be done over the computer through such software as the zoom meeting tool.

Grant Programs

Through grant programs and other means of financial support, the Council can help lay off workers financially.
Through co-ordination with their vast networks, they can look for ways where well-wishers and other government institutions can help with people working at home, cushioning them financially as they learn new skills.

Political support

The Council can also help workers from home by providing political support in the name of laws that support and make it easier for them to work from home.
Apart from this, the Council can also help prevent any mistreatment for workers working from home. This may come in many forms, including excess work and non-commitment to labor laws in adhering to a working day's mandated hours. Companies may force people to work for more time than is legally required.
Apart from this, being that working from home compartmentalizes workers individually, other means of mistreatment may occur, for instance, companies taking financial advantage of works by paying them lesser than they deserve.

Registered Nurse Work from Home

With the state of the world, with the covid-19 pandemic causing more and more casualties, more and more people and organizations are pivoting to working from home and reducing as much contact as possible, leaving only essential services streets.
Nurses can also work from home and still make a decent income.
There are several ways nurses can utilize their skills and work from home. As most people expect nurses to perform in-person care, there are several ways they can make a difference while working from home.
Here are some of the ways that nurses can still make a difference:

Home Based Nursing Jobs - Case Management

Case management positions are a great opportunity for nurses, plus they also come in high demand. Here nurses get to handle claims for their patients for both long term and short-term claims.
As a nurse on this front, you will have to work together with physician's employers and insurance companies to help facilitate communication and ensure compliance from all parties involved in the claim.
The main job for the nurse here is to coordinate both funding and treatment to ensure a return to work goal can be reached.
The great thing about this type of work is the nurse's ability to work from home through phones and emails. As long as you have some experience in the healthcare industry, you are at a great place to work and earn from your home's safety and comfort.

Insurance Claims

You may also choose to work on insurance claims.
Pivoting to insurance claims will provide a nurse with more flexibility, as the time is better, plus the pay is not half as bad at $64,000.
This is the perfect job for former nurses as it is more natural, as it is familiar territory.
Insurance companies are always looking for examiners and investigators who review claims and decide whether certain procedures are covered.
Nurses on insurance claims will also have to help decide whether a claim should be paid and the amount of money sufficient for each claim. With a nursing background, one is in a better position to make decisions that are more informed in the best interest of both the patient and insurance companies.

Telephone Triage

Telephone triage is a part time rn job.
It is all about the most skilled nurses taking control of phone assessments of patient health problems. This mostly happens with busy medical facilities.
A skilled nurse is best placed to assess and provide a reliable assessment of the patient's disease, recommending that they come in for a better checkup or get a certain kind of medicine for the ailment.
Most of the time, patients call in; they want to talk to the doctor, yet they are mostly just looking to book an appointment.
Having a phone triage helps reduce the congestion and unnecessary appointments and patients who come to the hospital without needing to.

Health Informatics

This is a new branch of healthcare to improve the quality of healthcare. The informatics work is through finding a synergy between communication, technology, and healthcare to improve the whole healthcare industry.
In case you feel like you have what it takes to improve the healthcare system by creating and manufacturing new solutions to problems in the healthcare sector, you should follow this line of work.
The health sector is always changing and will require an innovative and creative person to help cater and cope with new challenges that may emerge.

Call Center Nurse

The position can go for nurses who may have little to no experience.
The job description here requires a nurse to direct call to the appropriate parties; however, they will not be responsible for handing out any medical advice.

Freelance Nurse Writer

Nurses come with an extensive amount of information on their fingertips. This can come in handy in more ways than just direct healthcare for patients.
The medical field is one of the most accurate places in terms of the information passed along, and for this reason, a nurse may have the opportunity to get paid for writing on health and healthcare subjects or work as a medical transcriptionist online.
In this position, writers may have the opportunity to put together promotional materials, articles, and press releases. With the heavy reliance on website content, more and more people are looking to the internet to answer some of the questions they may have. An experienced medical nurse or practitioner may be a valuable addition to a successful medical website.

Online Instructor

With the covid pandemic at hand, it is becoming more common for courses to go online, preventing any physical contact at the workplace.
Experienced nurses with some teaching skills can work from home and teach nursing or work as curators for an institution's online course.

Legal Nurse Consultant

You can also work as a vital assistant to legal practitioners when it comes to any information they may require from the nursing and medical profession. This may cover anything from a medical issue, malpractice workers comp, and more.
However, this does not mean that you testify; rather, a skilled and qualified nurse can come in handy in managing and interpreting medical records.
As a legal nurse consultant, you either may be an independent contractor or employed by a law firm or an insurance company.
However, for this kind f work, you may need a BSN or a master's degree to get into this line of work.

Health Care Recruiter

You may also choose to be a health care recruiter.
This is a great opportunity as you get to work from home through phones and computers to get more nurses in the field.
The fact that it is part-time means you also get real flexible hours.

Company Overview

The NSLC is an alliance of more than 45 nearby associations speaking to in excess of 18,000 patrons and their families on the North Shore. The NSLC is sanctioned by the national AFL-CIO and is focused on maintaining its standards. We additionally check many Change to Win associations, including SEIU, UFCW and Join HERE as committed members. What's more, we band together with network associations, for example, Neighbor to Neighbor, Mass Senior Activity, and ECCO, to battle for working families on the North Shore.


The job of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO is to fill in as the brought together voice of every single sorted out laborer in the Ward and to be a voice for every working individuals, those in associations and those not yet composed. Our central goal is to improve the lives of working families—by working for financial, social and racial equity in the working environment, in our networks, our state and in our country. Our vision is of a reasonable and just society that advantages every single working individuals, not a framework that is fixed for the well-off not many.

To battle for working families on the North Shore. The North Shore incorporates the urban communities and towns of:

  • Wenham
  • Beverly
  • Wakefield
  • Boxford
  • Topsfield
  • Danvers
  • Swampscott
  • Essex
  • Saugus
  • Gloucester
  • Salem
  • Hamilton
  • Rockport
  • Ipswich
  • Reading
  • Lynn
  • Peabody
  • Lynnfield
  • North Reading
  • Manchester
  • Nahant
  • Middleton
  • Marblehead

Katie Cohen Elected as Executive Director

The North Shore Labor Council, an alliance of 42 associations situated in Lynn, has contracted coordinator Katie Cohen as official executive. She will take on expanded obligations speaking to the association, coordinating volunteers and assistants, and creating techniques for building a more grounded labor development in the territory.

"Katie has filled in as council coordinator for more than two years and has helped increment support with new delegates and pioneers," Council President Jeff Crosby said. "She has likewise fortified ties among associations and local gatherings that we work with, and assembled collaborations with the school division and the city of Lynn. She coordinated our work with a few political races, including ongoing state races and our help for City hall leader (Thomas M.) McGee a year ago. Her advancement to the new position will better position her to help lead us later."

Beth Kontos of Salem, Labor Council Board part and leader of American Alliance of Educators Massachusetts, included, "The council is at a defining moment and is progressing initiative for proceeded with development. Ms. Cohen has just been working in a position of authority at NSLC and has a demonstrated reputation of associating all partners in our locale. We anticipate supporting this work further as we develop the intensity of labor in Massachusetts."

The council expects Cohen will give progression to the council as long-term pioneers resign or take up new duties and new activists steer of the labor development in the territory. Jeff Crosby, who has filled in as North Shore Labor Council president for a long time, has reported that he won't run for re-appointment toward the finish of his present term in December of 2019.

Initially from West Virginia, Cohen was engaged with appointive governmental issues there and in the battle against "peak expulsion" for strip-mining, which causes wellbeing and monetary issues. She studied music and human science at Dark colored College. She sang expertly in New York City while maintaining various sources of income. "I had the experience of having my wages taken on low-pay occupations, and this is a piece of what took me to the labor development," she said. She initially started working at the Labor Council as an individual with the Jewish Arranging Activity and System and was employed full-time after the temporary position.


At the North Shore Labor Council, our central goal is to improve the lives of working families by working for financial and social equity in the work environment, in our networks, our state and in our country. Our program work mirrors these objectives. See beneath to find out about our projects.

Authoritative Activity

We guarantee administrators on Reference point Slope take care of the requirements of working individuals

Political Issues

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO Political Program chooses competitors who forcefully bolster professional laborer enactment and will face assaults on the personal satisfaction of working individuals.


This grassroots system of patrons saddles the intensity of sorted out, working individuals to win decisions, yet to consider our chosen authorities responsible.

Grant Program

Serving secondary school understudies in the Province with a large portion of a million dollars for school training.

Workforce Advancement

The association's 501(c) (3) instruction and preparing arm - works with associations, managers, and the open workforce framework to shape organizations that attention on development, efficiency, and ability.

Fast Reaction

Our Fast Reaction group helps laborers who are encountering lay-offs or scaling back to land new positions, preparing, work directing, and the sky is the limit from there.

The Labor Movement

From the soonest days of the American states, when disciple laborers in Charleston, S.C., picketed for better compensation during the 1700s, to the principal formal association of laborers in 1829 who looked to diminish their time at work to 60 hours every week, our country's working individuals have perceived that alliance is the best methods for improving their lives on and off the activity.

Our 21st century work environment rights and insurances—like the eight-hour day and laws covering security and wellbeing at work—have been won by the battles and forfeits of working ladies and men who were enabled by the quality of solidarity and whose activities epitomized the America long for reasonableness and an open door for all to succeed.


You can expect to make a decent living from home as a registered nurse, plus with the current pandemic, it is the best option to ensure you and your loved ones are safe.